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Why Furniture manufacturers are embracing Furniture on Demand by Lectra to pursue their sustainability and CSR targets

Making sustainability a breeze

Think profitability and social responsibility don't mix for furniture manufacturers? Think again. With the right technology, you can easily digitalize your production preparation steps; making sustainability a breeze. Furniture on Demand by Lectra can help you make a difference.

Sustainable change in Furniture production 

Growing concern about climate change issues is leading to new demands from furniture consumers, such as higher standards in terms of supply chain transparency, eco-friendly production, and fair labor practices. 

Some furniture companies may fear that sustainability projects will be too costly. However, in addition to building better brand reputation, increased sales and improved customer loyalty, bringing in more sustainability also helps companies save costs on materials and energy consumption. 


Becoming a CSR leader in the Furniture industry

As expectations on corporate responsibility increase, it is driving a significant transformation of the furniture industry. Furniture companies around the world are making sustainability a focal point of their corporate strategy and taking new steps towards developing more sustainable operations. 

Furniture On Demand by Lectra can help furniture manufacturers achieve their sustainability targets by optimizing material consumption, eliminating production of defective pieces, increasing use of long-life consumables, and improving the comfort and contentment of workers. 

How Furniture On-demand by Lectra enables furniture companies to achieve sustainability success