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Revolutionizing fashion sustainability in compliance with French and European laws

Learn how Kubix Link helps fashion companies to abide to these regulations and combat greenwashing.

In an era where sustainability takes center stage, the fashion industry is undergoing a transformative revolution, reevaluating practices to minimize environmental impact.  

France, at the forefront of environmental responsibility, leads this charge with two pioneering regulations aimed at revolutionizing the way fashion products are produced, marketed, and consumed.

The country's commitment to sustainability is underscored by the Adoption of the Circular Economy and Combating Waste (AGEC) law and the Climate & Resilience law. 

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AGEC law: transforming fashion communication for sustainability 

The AGEC law, applicable to all products sold in the French market has solidified this commitment to sustainability and has transformed the communication strategies of fashion brands with a set of clear objectives:

Waste reduction & increased collection

  • The AGEC Law has made it illegal for textile, household linen, and footwear brands to destroy unsold products, by promoting the principles of reuse and recycling.
  • The introduction of the Triman label facilitates sorting information, making it easier for consumers to identify and dispose of products responsibly, contributing to higher collection rates.

Prevention of greenwashing & digital product information 

  • To combat misleading environmental claims, the AGEC Law prohibits terms like "environmentally friendly" or "biodegradable," fostering transparency and authenticity. 
  • Empowering consumers, the AGEC law guides purchasing decisions by implementing "Digital Product Information." Brands are now mandated to communicate on five crucial environmental criteria for two years post-product launch: microplastics, hazardous substances, traceability, and incorporation of recycled material and product’s recyclability. 


Illuminating product environmental impact with physical product scoring 

France's Climate & Resilience law introduces a groundbreaking approach to environmental impact assessment. It displays a comprehensive environmental score for products, considering impacts at every stage of their life cycle: raw materials, production, transportation, distribution, utilization, and end of life.


Understanding European PEF score  

The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) score emerges as the gold standard for sustainable practices in the European fashion industry. This score meticulously evaluates the environmental impact of products from production to disposal, promoting a more eco-conscious approach.


The imperative role of cloud-based PLM  

In this landscape of stringent regulations, the need for efficient tracking and compliance mechanisms is critical. Cloud-based PLM solution serve as the linchpin in seamlessly navigating these demands.


Kubix Link: a catalyst for main sustainability law compliance

Enter Kubix Link, a revolutionary solution reshaping the fashion industry's approach to PEF score compliance and sustainability.