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Neptune accelerates the digital transformation of customized furniture with Furniture on Demand

Neptune is an interior design brand originated from the UK with its factory located in Qingdao (China). Adhering to the concept of “our design can make your life happier, easier and better. » Neptune provides overall home solutions for the European market.

Neptune choose Lectra as its long-term partner

With a rapid business growth and market expansion, Neptune was faced with the challenge of expanding its production capacity and quickly respond to customer needs

Cross-regional collaboration and cost control also became important factors when it came to ensuring their competitive advantage, and the company's management considered strategic digital transformation to be one of their key considerations for the future.

In the first steps of the relationship between Neptune and Lectra, several crucial factors emerged.

  • Firstly, Neptune's high-level requirements for real-time data sharing and collaboration needed to be met in order-to-order business processes.
  • Secondly, the typical British design had a large demand for striped products, a difficult matching process that used to be completely done by hand. The quality of the materials and the expensive fabrics used in the process also meant that reducing material was to a minimum was a top priority.
  • Finally, the company's long-term multinational production layout considerations and digital transformation strategy made Neptune choose Lectra as its long-term partner.
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How Furniture On-demand by Lectra enables furniture companies to improve their production process

Furniture On Demand by Lectra is the industry’s first end-to-end solution that automates, streamlines and gives full visibility on the entire manufacturing process for unique products and small series. This unique solution is comprised of the Lectra Digital Platform, a cloud-based platform that acts as an interface between the different activities linked to cutting, and Virga, a connected single-ply fabric cutting line.

Discover the benefits of connected single-ply fabric cutting room