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For 15 years, Puerto Rico Apparel Manufacturing (PRAMA) Corp has been a prime manufacturer of military uniforms for the U.S. Government. In this interview with PRAMA’s Vice President, Edwin Quiles and Ivette Lebron, President, we’ll hear how they were able to transform their cutting operations with Gerber Technology.


Tell us a little bit about PRAMA Corp?

PRAMA Corp. was founded in June 2006 and is dedicated to the manufacturing of military uniforms for the U.S. Government. Our team has over 30 years of experience in military uniforms.  We are a prime contract manufacturer for the Natick Contracting Division for the US Army FR Combat Uniforms Coat and Trousers. We currently manufacture ACU Coat, ACU Trouser, Maternity Coat, Maternity Slack, IHWCU Coat and IHWCU Trouser, for DLA Troop Support. 


Why did you decide to integrate technology into your supply chain?

Before Gerber, we subcontracted all of our cutting services. We were paying a very high cost for cutting and knew we needed to quickly make adjustments in order to save material, reduce costs and accelerate the cutting process.


Why did you choose Gerber solutions?

The Gerber Atria Digital Cutter allowed us to efficiently digitalize and automate the entire process from the CAD to the Cut room, helping us ensure precision, quality and accuracy while having a high throughput. We currently have the Atria Digital Cutting Solution and automated nesting software, AccuNest.


How has Gerber helped you through the implementation process?

Our employees are already excellent at working with computers, so with the 7-day training from Gerber, we are now running a high-tech cutting room. The Gerber technician that we worked with was very knowledgeable and professional with excellent communication skills. They really helped us reach a new level of production.  


What changes have you seen since integrating Gerber into your workflow?

Gerber’s technology solutions are a very important investment for us because they allow us to have control over our labor costs and reduce yield and cutting time. Prior to Gerber we were producing 18,000 coats and 12,000 trousers per month. With Gerber’s solutions, we were able to increase production and quickly cut units, which allowed us to be more cost effective compared to subcontracting our cutting services. We’re now producing 24,000 coats and 15,000 trousers per month. 


What’s Next for PRAMA?

Going forward, we plan to continue our investment in technology. We’ll continue to update and upgrade our Gerber equipment.


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