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DesignConcept: respond faster to customer demand for customization and modularity


What is DesignConcept furniture development software and how does it enable manufacturers to optimize styles, generate technical specifications and control manufacturing costs

DesignConcept is a complete prototyping CAD software application that factors in costing decisions at the earliest stages. It enables furniture companies to design new styles, predict industrial costs, develop and industrialize ready-to-produce models faster. Increase flexibility, productivity, and accuracy with DesignConcept to shorten production cycles, optimize processes and gain significant cost savings.

How does DesignConcept, Lectra's new CAD and CAM furniture design software help manufacturers get new models to market faster?

DesignConcept reduces the hurdles between design, industrialization and production processes. Lectra’s powerful 3D design software and virtual prototyping solution enables entire production chains to have a clearer picture of designs and their costs at an early stage – without the need for physical prototypes. By bringing internal teams closer together furniture manufacturers can minimize errors and speed-up manufacturing time.

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