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DesignConcept: respond faster to customer demand for customization and modularity


Can you produce competitively priced yet profitable furniture that meets consumer demands? Can you shorten time to market without reducing quality?

You can with DesignConcept.

DesignConcept accelerates the entire product development and pre-production process so you can get on-trend products to market faster. This all-in-one software solution covers styling, furniture prototyping, product development, and digital patterning. It enables furniture companies to design new styles, predict industrial costs, develop wooden furniture frames, and industrialize ready-to-produce models faster. With DesignConcept, you gain a more efficient, collaborative way of working that minimizes time-consuming, costly design iterations and physical prototypes.

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Why is virtual prototyping, industrialization and pattern preparation software valuable in today’s furniture market?

Offering a wider variety of models with greater choice of style, dimensions, functions and other inner structure components means that prototyping, decision-making and delivery times must be kept to a minimum to bring products to market as quickly as possible and ensure a maximum level of flexibility.

The traditional product development process can be time-consuming, require significant human resources, necessitate numerous costly prototype modifications, and hinder integration into the company’s other digital processes.

DesignConcept is the only CAD solution on the market that allows companies to design upholstered furniture styles, assess preliminary costs, generate photo-realistic rendering for decision making, develop inner structures, and generate technical documentation and ready-to-cut patterns for physical prototyping, in one solution.

How does DesignConcept work?

With DesignConcept 3D furniture software, you can create virtual models, evaluate feasibility constraints, calculate preliminary manufacturing costs and share this key decision-making information with stakeholders before producing the first physical model. Virtual prototyping of furniture allows you to visualize, share and compare the impact of material choices and dimensions to determine the most cost-effective options.

After choosing the final product design, DesignConcept allows you to efficiently develop foam and wooden inner structures, and then automatically generate ready-to-cut parts and technical documentation that will automatically update with each modification

Using DesignConcept 2D in association with DesignConcept 3D offers a unique level of flexibility for designing and optimizing patterns. The documentation functions in DesignConcept 2D allow you to quickly create sewing plans, technical documentation for the frame and a Bill of Materials. These specifications are automatically updated whenever changes are made to the original model.

How does DesignConcept enable manufacturers to control costs?

DesignConcept’s virtual prototyping can reduce the number of physical prototypes and pattern-making iterations by up to 50%, which can represent a savings of thousands of euros per prototype. The ability to integrate costing from the design stage onwards ensures that only the most profitable models go into production.

With a DesignConcept subscription, you gain the time, cost and product quality benefits of DesignConcept perpetual license but with a lower up-front investment. It also provides more flexibility, with the choice of a 6-month, 1-year or 3-year subscription period.

How does DesignConcept, Lectra's upholstered furniture CAD/CAM software, help manufacturers get new models to market faster?

DesignConcept reduces the hurdles between furniture development, industrialization and production processes. Lectra’s powerful 3D design software and virtual prototyping solution enables entire production chains to have a clearer picture of designs and their costs at an early stage – using fewer physical prototypes. By bringing internal teams closer together, furniture manufacturers can minimize errors and speed-up manufacturing time.

With DesignConcept, you can reduce development and industrialization time by 30% or more with a concurrent frame, foam and upholstery development process. A library of downloadable IPEA™ and KOYO™ components--such as legs, fittings, and junctions—also significantly reduces development time. Interoperability with other CAD solutions allows for import of native 3D data, re-use of standard assemblies and re-shaping wood parts. Ultra-realistic 3D simulations result in more efficient design reviews and faster decision making. Combined with the Formaris pattern-making software, you get a seamless process flow from design to industrialization.

Is DesignConcept easy to use?

DesignConcept makes it easy for new users to begin using the solution quickly. The digital learning platform helps users master the software independently. The platform gives users the tools to master the solution basics, vocabulary, methodology and more.

DesignConcept provides an optimal user experience for new and experienced 3D CAD users. The intuitive styling and modeling interfaces are simple to use for all experience levels. Each user can customize the interface of their “Studio” with the functions they use the most. Smart contextual menus are also available to provide feature and guideline suggestions to users to facilitate the design process.   

To ensure that you can benefit from all benefits of DesignConcept, Lectra experts are available to work with you to define a project plan and KPIs customized to your company’s objectives and needs. Users can be operational even faster thanks to expert guidance during onsite or remote consulting, training, coaching or mentoring sessions.