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High quality upholstery pattern digitization

Formaris and Diamino: simplify furniture patternmaking with Formaris and optimize material management with Diamino


What is Formaris and how does it accelerate the furniture pattern making process

Formaris reduces the pattern development phase while enabling users to produce more variants and ensure perfect product quality. Quickly develop pattern pieces and production configurations, taking into account specific trim cover and upholstery constraints in order to improve the quality of the end product.

Learn how automated pattern making increases speed to market

Formaris automated pattern making sofyware enables pattern piece adjustment to material properties and upholstery constraints faster enabling furniture manufacturers to meet strict deadlines.

What is Diamino and how does it accelerate the furniture marker making process

Diamino, Lectra's automatic marker making software accelerates the pre-production process, and removes time-consuming, repetitive, and manual tasks from your workflow. Its powerful algorithm can run multiple marker simulations in batches for improved efficiency and give accurate fabric consumption cost estimates early in the product development process, ensuring that all proposed models meet cost targets.

Learn how furniture marker making software helps to maximize material savings

Diamino optimizes material consumption at the development and production stages to enable furniture manufacturers to achieve simplicity, speed, and efficiency in their marker making process.

Formaris and Diamino brochure

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