Staying Curious podcast episode 005: Guest, Clare Tattersall, founder of digital Fashion Week NYC

As Web 3.0 gathers momentum, technologists and digital designers are collaborating and innovating around things like online fittings, supply chain transparency and bespoke marketing and manufacturing. Learn how the future of fashion is in the metaverse. 

We were already headed “Into the Metaverse” before pandemic accelerated major shifts in the fashion industry, including widespread adoption of online buying, heightened focus on sustainability and the availability of new technologies like 3D printing and body mapping. Enter fashion industry pioneers like Clare Tattersall, who shares the latest on this episode of The Staying Curious Podcast. Her Digital Fashion Week NYC upcoming event (Sept. 7-11) will feature a lineup of immersive experiences, panel discussions and a virtual expo unlike anything available in the physical world.  


As Web 3.0 gathers momentum, technologists and digital designers are collaborating and innovating around things like online fittings, supply chain transparency and bespoke marketing and manufacturing. We also learn on this episode about opportunities to improve environmental sustainability and manage inventory retention – not to mention create avatars that are dressed for success! This virtual world, which is evolving at breakneck speed, is increasingly available to physical designers. So take a peek into a future whose technologies Clare predicts will reshape the fashion industry in exciting and unimaginable ways. 

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About Clare Tattersall, founder of digital Fashion Week NYC

  • [01:56] Clare kicks off the conversation by sharing details about her upcoming Digital Fashion Week NYC, including its huge growth and the niche it fills by bringing together creativity and technology. 

  • [03:56] About how and why Clare came to focus on digital fashion and wearable technology, carving out a special expertise that made her a natural to take the lead in putting this new approach to design out on the runway. Right out of the gate, her platform met with huge success among designers as well as tech companies. 


Digital fashion and wearable technology

  • [06:50] The mind-blowing impacts of putting new technological tools in the hands of creatives, who are reimagining fashion! 

  • [07:42] On the edge of the Metaverse: Clare reflects on how brands and retailers can better connect with buyers, be more efficient and implement sustainable practices.  

  • [08:33] Pandemic Silver Lining: It highlighted issues (online shopping, sustainability) that the fashion industry had long known about but failed to address right as new tools and solutions were becoming available. 

  • [09:30] About the unique ways in which Clare’s team is educating a range of designers – many of whom are new to the concept of digital clothing and design.  

  • [11:10] What the gaming industry has to teach the fashion industry, including building immersive environments that are an opportunity to feature digital clothing. 

  • [12:56] Clare’s primary audience is B2B, including many fashion brands as well as haute couture and mass market retailers interested in exploring immersive experience. 

  • [15:36] Breaking down what it looks like to pioneer in Web 3.0 – a space in which many people aren’t yet fully comfortable. Digital Fashion Week NYC will feature tools for creating custom clothing for digital avatars, vivid virtual showrooms and an online movie theatre with animations.  

  • [20:58] Part of Clare’s big-picture goal is to provide physical designers a point of entry into digital fashion and all it has to offer. 

  • [21:49] About the recent launch of The Drip, a boutique website offering haute couture for digital life and other experiments around augmented reality try-on experiences, body mapping technology and customized designs for universal gaming avatars. 

  • [26:21] How eliminating buyers and their gatekeeper function is democratizing fashion for customers and increasing agency among designers in terms of marketing and sales. 


Top three tips for designers

  • [27:50] Clare’s Top Three Tips for designers who want to get into the digital space:  

  1. The digital world of Web 3.0 is a collaborative space that supports an ethic of kindness – so be nice to people! 
  2. Stay curious! Everything is changing – and at breakneck speed. 
  3. Firmly know who you are, but be willing to adapt in order to achieve what your brand represents. 
  • [30:06] Remember: Every step you take in the digital world has to align with your business model in the physical world as well. 

  • [30:56] Future Forward: Clare predicts that more and more of our daily work and play will take place through immersive experiences and in virtual spaces, which opens up a huge market for avatars that need to be well dressed and ready for primetime! 

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