Staying Curious podcast episode 008: Demystifying Fashion Tech and innovations from fitting rooms to runways

If the connection between the fashion industry AR, AI, or the Metaverse isn’t immediately obvious, then placing this episode of The Staying Curious Podcast at the top of your list is just what you need. From the latest fashion trends to fashion and style in the Metaverse, Amanda Cosco of Electric Runway (an online resource at the intersection of fashion and tech) breaks down the complex world of Fashion Tech.

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Fashion Tech — The intersection of Fashion and Technology: Insights on wearables, apps and other hot digital trends impacting the fashion industry today

Amanda Cosco, Founder of Electric Runway

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Journalism at the forefront of emerging fashion technologies, and the creation of Electric Runway 

Amanda’s early exposure to wearables and the many issues raised by technology in fashion helped place her at the forefront of emerging fashion trends across the globe. This experience formed the basis for Electric Runway, a platform featuring articles, videos and other resources about the interplay among fashion, culture and technology. Serving not only as an online resource and showcase for live events, Electric Runway also helps brands through consulting services and helping to understand the fashion tech landscape globally.

The latest trends in Fashion Tech are rapidly impacting the fashion industry

Digital trends and products are dominating many of the latest fashion tech trends. Items that are designed exclusively for the Metaverse, even if existing solely virtually, are a major point of investment globally. However, trademark infringement is murky, so some legacy brands are finding it hard to control product replication. Digital experiences though, such as digital garments and other virtual engagements are expanding the audience and touch points for consumers.

An introduction to tech lingo, digital products and the intersection with fashion

The definition and cultural impact of “Fashion Tech” is constantly evolving which can make it hard to keep up with the alphabet soup of terms and jargon frequently thrown around. The Electric Runway is a great source of information for staying on top of trends, but in this podcast Amanda also gives a brief rundown on some common terms and tech that are relevant to the fashion industry now, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), digital products and ownership, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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