Staying Curious podcast episode 017: Identifying emerging trends to set fashion brands up for long-term success

Keeping track of emerging trends, technologies or competition is no easy feat, and for those in the retail industry, the speed of innovation can make that task even harder. Join Staying Curious as we talk to Alicia Esposito, Vice President of Content at Retail TouchPoints about what trends she is seeing across the industry, and the advice she has for fashion retailers.

Industry trends

Alicia Esposito, Vice President of Content at Retail TouchPoints

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Alicia Esposito and the team at Retail TouchPoints aim to help industry leaders find content that is most relevant for guiding them to long-term success. From innovative thinking to content across a variety of platforms, Retail TouchPoints serves as a central source for information focused on optimizing the customer experience.

As part of her role at Retail TouchPoints, Alicia is engaged with leaders across the industry, and frequently is in conversation about what trends are proving to be worthwhile, and which ones have more hype than merit.

She sees many companies go wrong when they just jump on the technology bandwagon, incorporate quick trends or tech just for the sake of making headlines. History shows that using technology in a way that fits a brand's identity and long-term goals is a much more appropriate and sustainable approach.

Many recent trends have found companies hyper focusing on the latest and greatest, from Web3 to NFTs, customer experiences, and even sustainability efforts. Alicia takes us through some notable examples of companies who seem to be on the right path, with initiatives such as VIP events through Sephora, Levi’s Red Tag program, and Starbucks’ Odyssey NFT experience.