Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Field of activity:


Contract type:

Experience required:
6-10 years

Languages required: English


The key mission of the Marketing Manager is to provide leadership in the strategy setting, execution and reporting of all marketing activities and communication, with the strategic alignment of market development and business strategy in Bangalore, India.
A marketing plan will be developed and subsequently implemented with long-term, innovative marketing concepts, and managed according to local budgets.
The main objectives are to increase the revenues of the region and maximize our visibility in targeted markets. Through increased marketing activities we will maximize the penetration into our existing customer base, as well as new name targeted customers.  Developing professional and trusting relationships with our customers is tantamount to our growth and success.


•    Develop effective communication, professional and trusting relationships with customers.  Work with the Managing Director and executive management to define, develop and support sales and services activities and customer accounts.
•    Increase the revenues of the region and maximize our visibility in targeted markets. 
•    Provide marketing leadership in strengthening company awareness. 
•    Spearhead company/product/market positioning initiatives 
•    Identify new players, products and services launched into the marketplace on an ongoing basis. 
•    Represent us at important industry events with impeccable image and presentation, and manage press relationships to foster our media presence while continually building our brand.
•    Be the central hub point for sales coordination in terms of customer knowledge, project progress, calendar management, experience sharing among the sales team and reporting.


•    You must have a strong sense of entrepreneurship with a desire to create demand for the best technology solutions for the fashion, automotive, furniture and related industries.  
•    You have the desire to make a difference, and you can drive the process while motivating people with a hands-on approach that is strategic with deep functional expertise.  
•    In spearheading product or market positioning activities, you manage all high-touch customer campaigns and lead generation initiatives, resulting in a personal scorecard showing all results and ROI metrics. 
•    You analyze market trends so that our offers and product suites are in line with industry demands. 


•    MBA Preferred
•    A degree in a relevant academic discipline 
•    Fluent English.