Diamino Fashion and Quick Nest

Diamino and Quick Nest: Marker Making solution

Strengthen your cost estimation and order-planning capabilities with the most powerful range of marker-making software.


Introducing Diamino and Quick Nest

With Diamino, companies get the most out of their fabric by estimating their fabric consumption accurately. At the same time, they can automatically process markers to create the most cost-efficient layouts. Go further with Lectra's best-in-class nesting and marker making software and process an unlimited number of markers simultaneously with our newest cloud application Quick Nest, through Diamino.

Customer voice

Industrias Haber’s keeps its offer cost-competitive thanks to Diamino

“We chose Lectra because we were confident that their technology would help us increase productivity and material optimization. Diamino enabled us to optimize our fabric consumption and reduce fabric waste by 2.5%."

Edilberto Trujillo Sánchez

Quality Control Director at the Haber’s plant



What You’ll Gain


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