Market fashion cutting room production

Cutting room
Develop a smart cutting room by automating your entire cutting process to maximize profitability and productivity without sacrificing product quality.

Your challenges

Striking a fine balance between quality, speed, performance, and cost

With rising material and labor costs, offering consumers high-quality products without sacrificing profitability is no easy feat in fabric fashion production. This requires a lean, operationally efficient and automated cutting room process that helps you avoid errors, machine breakdowns and fabric waste.

Explore new possibilities for your cutting room

What if you could...

Market Fashion cutting room Industry 4.0

The Lectra advantage

An Industry 4.0-compliant partner for your cutting room

Our mission is to provide you with innovative solutions to turn your cutting room into a competitive advantage. That’s why we’ve developed the best and highest-performing cutting technology for you. Thanks to our knowledge in apparel manufacturing and round-the-clock technical support, our team of experts will help you achieve operational excellence by ensuring a smooth implementation process.



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