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Designer*: The design team's Go-To Solution

Our suite of fashion solutions all work towards the same goal: enhancing communication between teams while improving efficiency and controlling costs.

Patterns, colors and prototype created using the Designer solution implemented in the Kaledo® range.

Today we’re going to discuss Designer, the solution tailored specifically to the needs of fashion designers. It is a business application within the Lectra Fashion PLM that enables the entire design team to have all the information needed to create and finalize designs. So, what are some features that are unique to Designer and make it essential for any fashion design team? Here are two:

1. Automated filled sketch colorway generation with “Product Genius”

The Product Genius tool within Designer creates color combinations automatically. Once Product Genius is launched and the fabric selections are made, the user searches then chooses their favorite color ways to be stored on our apparel PLM solution. You can easily and quickly make multitudes of color ways, then select and store any combinations.

This is extremely useful to designers because it accelerates the entire design process. The designer’s workflow is drastically reduced because she, or he, does not have to create endless color combinations manually and their chosen combinations are instantly visual.

2. Automatic Push Updates

Automatic Push Updates ensure that any modifications made to sketches, textiles, components, trims and/or embellishments are instantly updated throughout the collection in progress and on our Fashion PLM. This is possible because all objects stored in our Fashion PLM are linked, therefore when a sketch is modified, its modifications are pushed everywhere that the sketch has been used.

This feature allows designers to focus on what’s important to them: designing. The often redundant tasks associated with manual design are eliminated and, most importantly, errors are minimized and assets are shared in real time. The entire team’s concentration and energy can placed on creating and sharing their best work in preparation for the next step: prototyping.


*Designer is a part of the Kaledo® range, a protected trademark of Lectra.