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Industry 4.0 Enabled Automation Helps Manage Industry Shifts

Adapt to changing environments with industry leading technology, including automated cutting solutions, that help you return to growth.

Global disruptions to supply chain operations are forcing suppliers to reexamine just about everything. Some market segments, like fashion and apparel, industrial textiles, and furniture, have found innovative automated equipment and software technology to help bounce back quicker and better than ever.

Innovation and data-driven technology is the name of the game and those who have survived, or even thrived, have learned how to pivot with their operations and go digital throughout their entire supply chain turning challenges into opportunities.


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Industry 4.0 enabled solutions are the key factors to staying agile and meeting consumer demands.

Industries Face Supply Chain Disruption, Labor Shortages and Changing Consumer Demands

Seemingly disparate industries are actually facing similar challenges both now, and during the height of the pandemic. Factors such as the rapid uptick in e-commerce spending, fluctuating supply and demand, unexpected labor shortages and the resulting inexperienced workforce have all impacted how industries operate. The global supply chain is also reeling from overseas production sites facing similar challenges, and the ripple effect has led to critical supply and labor shortages amidst high consumer demand.

Industries such as the Fashion, Textiles or Home Furnishings markets are facing both old and new challenges, to include some of the following:

  • Optimizing a high-level throughput

  • Minimizing labor requirements

  • Equipment downtime

  • Ability to quickly pivot between products, materials or designs

  • Inexperienced workforce

  • Challenges with capacity and demand

Innovation, Data-Driven Technology and Industry 4.0 Are Clear Winners for Success

Learn how Industry 4.0 enabled solutions that include automated digital cutting are the key factors to staying agile and meeting the demands of consumers today.