Missed Opportunity: How to Avoid 4 Common PLM Implementation Regrets

PLM solutions are extremely beneficial in today’s fashion context, and are key to increasing productivity and profitability. Fashion companies can derive the most value out of their PLM solutions by being efficient and developing a strategy right from the start.

Dear CIO,

The time is ripe for PLM. The fashion industry is ready.

According to WhichPLM, an established online magazine dedicated to PLM for fashion, “There has never been a better time to buy PLM. No matter the size, shape, turnover or geographical spread of your business, almost any modern PLM solution is eminently capable of being the engine that will power the future of your business”.

We understand that for CIOs, the PLM implementation process can be tricky. But the benefits outweighs the costs in the fashion context. There is so much value in PLM, and the way to get the best out of this system is to avoid four main implementation hiccups along the way.

Read it to discover what they are!

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