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The Gerber AccuMark v16.0 suite is now available

Our latest Gerber AccuMark suite boasts new capabilities that will enable you to create better products faster by making your development and production processes more environmentally sustainable, integrated, and evolved.

An optimized, connected and powerful product development software suite, made just for you

We listened to your feedback to develop and improve the Gerber AccuMark suite.

We aim to help you

  • reduce fabric consumption with improved simulations and cutting quality,
  • eliminate communication gaps with your suppliers to increase accuracy,
  • and simplify processes to speed up time to market.

This way, you can meet today's industry challenges head-on.

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Top new Gerber AccuMark 2D, 3D, nesting and cut planning features

Enhanced fit customization and sizing

We have combined these two features together: Multi-dimensional Grade and Alterations. You can now fine-tune your custom fit patterns by choosing the multi-dimensional graded size, and then altering it, without having to choose between the two functionnalities.

Powerful nesting capability

Take advantage of cloud automated nesting to process a wider range of marker types. Additionally, there will be placement group options that can help you define sections for spreading and zones for fabrics with shade variations. 

Animated Alvanon avatars

You can now visualize all your styles on Alvanon's Alvaforms in a sequence of nine poses to review fit. Improve your workflow by controlling the animation speed.

Improved cost optimization for spread and cut plans

Thanks to an enhanced algorithm, you can now reduce the number of required tables for spreading, plotting paper consumption, and single-ply markers. These improvements will enable you to reduce waste, increase cost savings, and improve your overall bottom line.


New Gerber Accumark 2D and 3D features

A new Clip Image tool for digital printing

Save time and increase accuracy for image placement across all pattern sizes and dimensions using our new Clip Image tool, which allows you to fill segments with images on a pattern using internal lines.  Once the graphic is clipped, the change is applied to all graded patterns in one go.

Modernized user interface

Gain flexibility with updated interfaces for both Annotation and Size Code Editors. They have a simpler visual design, new drag-and-fill function and search tools, with consistent colors, icons, and fonts to provide a better navigation experience.

Relative size display for pattern piece icons

In our Easy Marking application you can now view pattern piece icons in the menu in relative sizing to quickly identify and scale while you are placing your pieces.

Recoloring of avatars

Add dimension to your garment simulations by recoloring your avatars. Make them more true-to-life to see the full effect of your designs with the help of skin-like, greyscale, and custom color palettes.

3D lines function in 3D workspace

No need to go back and forth from 2D to 3D to create folds, elastics and cutlines! Instead, create these lines directly in the 3D workspace.

Fit and size review in multiple grade dimensions 

Review fit and styles with multiple grade dimensions in a more organized manner by using the new Garment Size option, without losing your base pattern. This allows you to select one size per dimension instead of having to go through a myriad of combinations.


How to upgrade to Gerber AccuMark v16.0

We believe that all Gerber AccuMark users should benefit from this latest release. 

Our customer success team is inviting all customers with versions 13 and earlier to upgrade so that you can leverage our expertise and technical support. If this applies to you, you can request the upgrade by filling out the form on this page.

We will be happy to guide you through it.  

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