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Introducing VectorFurniture iX2 and VectorFurniture Q2: Overcome the challenges of pull-mode production

Gain the agility you need with a low-ply fabric cutter range designed to satisfy fluctuating order volumes, increasing complexity, and evolving sustainability requirements.

Capitalize on opportunities no matter what the order volume

Today, minimizing wastereducing production costs, and speeding up the cutting process are key to managing fluctuations in production volume.

Designed to help furniture makers run cost-effective operations, Industry 4.0-ready Vector cutting equipment is suited to all production modes and fabric types. Now, with the addition of the brand-new VectorFurniture low-ply cutting range, furniture makers can overcome the demand fluctuations and operational challenges of pull-mode production.


Vector iX2

A new generation of connected and sustainable equipment

Comprising VectorFurniture Q2 and VectorFurniture iX2, the new Vector low-ply fabric cutter range allows manufacturers to switch quickly and easily from small series to larger production runs, to capitalize on business opportunities as they come, no matter what the order volume.

Efficiency strategies enabled by both models help manufacturers adapt to changing demand and maintain cost-effective operations.


Compatible with the all-new Furniture On Demand

Launch of the all-new Furniture On Demand featuring digital platform Valia marks the solution’s compatibility with best-selling fabric-cutting equipment range VectorFurniture for the first time ever.

Designed to meet every production need, VectorFurniture delivers unprecedented uptime, improved speed, long-term reliability, and optimized efficiency and quality, backed by Lectra’s unique technical and customer support capabilities.

Expand the possibilities of cutting room performance with the new VectorFurniture Q2 and VectorFurniture iX2 low-ply cutters

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Increase operational agility and productivity while meeting sustainability goals

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Vector iX2 & Q2, the new low-ply fabric-cutting range from Lectra

5 key benefits of the VectorFurniture low-ply fabric-cutting range

VectorFurniture iX2 & VectorFurniture Q2: designed for optimum low-ply cutting performance

Both new VectorFurniture models are ideal for agile production ranging from small series to significantly larger volumes. Their flexible production capacity optimizes repeat manufacturing runs to improve productivity, savings and reliability.

Both cutting solutions offer a favorable total cost of ownership, reduced environmental impact, and readiness for broader Industry 4.0 implementation, as well as the highest quality and productivity on the market.

A cut above: VectorFurniture iX2’s superior throughput and greater versatility

The VectorFurniture iX2 delivers the fastest cutting performance on the market thanks to the proprietary Eclipse feature, which enables uninterrupted cutting while the conveyor advances, to achieve a superior level of throughput compared to VectorFurniture Q2.

It cuts straight notches quickly and efficiently, even in high volumes. 

Its improved ergonomics maximize operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact. ;

With the addition of the optional high- definition camera and Mosaic software for patterned fabrics, VectorFurniture iX2 offers expanded versatility with the ability to cut an even broader variety of fabrics.