Lectra Furniture digital event 2022

Novembrer, 15: In-depth industry analysis to keep you in growth mode

Register today to have fresh insights and advice to help you increase productivity, profitability and efficiency in a changing furniture industry

Join us on a November 15, 2022 for a comprehensive overview of trends, changes and evolutions in the industry.

Leading furniture industry experts will detail global and regional trends in the industry. They will discuss post-pandemic changes in the furniture sectorsupply chain and labor issues, as well as changing consumer habits and the rise of e-commerce.

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What is the best way to surmount these challenges?

    Current market challenges require an end-to-end solution that allows furniture companies to increase efficiencyminimize fabric wasteoffset labor shortages and support sustainability initiatives. Furniture On Demand by Lectra, our single-ply fabric cutting solution, does just that.

    During the event, we’ll detail the reasons behind the creation of this visionary solution and pinpoint how it can help you respond to the challenges outlined by our market experts. There will also be a video demonstration of the current Furniture On Demand production process and comparisons between the traditional furniture production process and the Furniture On Demand by Lectra production process.  

    We have invited the CEO of Jakobsen Home (a Lithuania-based Danish company) and the president of King Hickory (USA) to share their experiences with our single-ply solution. There will also be a testimonial from Karimoku Furniture (Japan).

    Event Agenda 

    1. State of Furniture : complexities, challenges and opportunities in the current landscape

    2. How on-demand production can help you overcome current challenges

    3. Voice of customers : exclusive testimonials from best-of-class manufacturers

    Guest speakers

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