Spring/summer 2022 fashion trends: Dive into our data report to stay ahead of the trend curve

Dopamine dressing? Back to occasion wear? What are the hottest trends in the post-pandemic fashion reset? 

The fashion industry is experiencing a reboot as the world reemerges from the pandemic.

Dive into this report to get an in-depth look at the data that lies behind the hottest SS22 trends.

From dopamine dressing to the high heel comeback, find out how your brand can use a competitive intelligence tool to get the right collection and stay ahead of the trend curve. 

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Spring/summer 2022 fashion trends - data report

SS22 trends: more exciting, sexy, fun and vibrant styles

After two years of pandemic-driven measures, consumers are itching for a return to normalcy. Not only that, but as the pandemic safety measures come to a halt, consumer demand is changing, with shoppers looking for more exciting, sexy, fun and vibrant styles as they go back on vacation and as public outings are no longer limited in a vast range of countries. SS22 trends are coming in at full speed and are making a strong statement. 
Coming out of a crisis is synonymous with the return of sexy fashion. Where the past two years showcased a focus on laid-back loungewear fashion, the post-pandemic fashion climate is once again bringing forward high heels - from vibrant shades in pink high heels, to sexier styles as in tie up heels - sneakers are definietely taking a backseat this SS22.


How can a brand get the right collection on time, and easily meet customer expectations? 

With Y2K fashion making a strong comeback, micro miniskirts such as the tiny Miu Miu skirt making headlines, and the move towards mood-boosting fashion – also known as dopamine dressing; how can a brand get the right collection on time, and easily meet customer expectations? 

Using a competitive analysis platform like Retviews, allows brands to monitor their competitors’ assortment strategies in real-time and spot the hottest trends in brand collections. Being able to get a real-time view of competitor strategies allows brands to stay ahead of the curve with the right product, reducing their lead time. Detecting leading trends and getting the right product that you know will sell is essential in reducing waste, as it allows your brand to minimize your stock of unsold goods, reduce the need to heavily discount the unsold goods that didn’t fit into the season’s trends and thus increase your profitability. 

Using AI in fashion retail to get the right assortment

Retviews, the competitive intelligence solution for fashion brands and retailers is the final key to the puzzle, in making sure your brand gets the right assortment. Brands no longer have to worry about whether their collections are relevant, or how they should be organizing their assortments each season.

Leave the guesswork in the past, and use precise, actionable, and real-time data to optimize your retail strategy. Using AI in fashion retail is a no-brainer, and your brand can also use analytic software to enhance its performance. 


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