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Discover VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2

Transition quickly from small series to significant volumes with the Vector iX2 and Vector Q2 range of cutters to keep up with fluctuating order volumes. Seize opportunities as they arise and achieve profitability without relying on traditional economies of scale.

The new generation of low-ply cutters

The Vector iX2 & Q2 is a state-of-the-art low-ply fabric-cutting range to enable manufacturers to cut small-quantity orders faster, with increased accuracy and at lower costs, and adapt their cutting room to meet the trend for smaller orders.

In today’s manufacturing climate, the frequency and quantity of small orders are continuously increasing; which is negatively affecting larger orders and the benefits of economies of scale. This ongoing trend of smaller orders results in shortening lead times and fabric-ply heights that are less than 2.5 cm.

Vector iX2 & Q2 help manufacturers adapt to changing demand and maintain cost-effective operations

As a result, minimizing waste, reducing production costs, and speeding up the cutting process become key factors in managing fluctuations in production volume. These efficiency strategies enabled by Vector iX2 & Q2 help manufacturers adapt to changing demand and maintain cost-effective operations.


Increase operational agility and productivity while meeting sustainability goals

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Vector iX2 & Q2, the new low-ply fabric-cutting range from Lectra

6 key benefits of the Vector iX2 & Q2 low-ply fabric-cutting range

Why the Vector iX2 & Vector Q2 low-ply fabric-cutting range is the perfect solution for small-series production

The Vector iX2 & Vector Q2 cutting range offers the agility businesses need to stay competitive in a fast-paced and dynamic market environment. It allows for quick and easy changes in production, enabling manufacturers to respond to shifting market demands and accommodate small-batch orders efficiently. 

It’s precise and consistent cutting accuracy leads to higher quality products and aligns with sustainability goals to minimize the environmental impact associated with excessive fabric usage or product rejects. In addition, the ecological design of the Vector iX2 & Vector Q2 reduces its environmental impact and its improved energy efficiency enables manufacturers to adopt more eco-friendly cutting practices to improve their sustainability credentials and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Lastly, manufacturers investing in the Vector iX2 & Vector Q2 low-ply fabric-cutting range gain a more favorable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Its proactive maintenance scheduling, less maintenance interventions, and optimized implementation plans maximizes equipment uptime and productivity while keeping operating costs down. And the automatic energy conservation of Vector iX2 & Vector Q2 minimizes power consumption to contribute to today's overarching sustainability initiatives and promote cost-effective operations.