Airbag development and cutting

A comprehensive solution including equipment, software and services


Perfect control of quality is required to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the uncompromising airbag manufacturing process. Production is the crucial step where airbag profits or losses occur. With the right pre-production software and the latest laser cutting technology, airbag manufacturers can reduce their cost per unit while producing airbags free of defects the first time around, maintaining their profitability and competitiveness while contributing to the road safety value chain.


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The fully integrated FocusQuantum solution comprises state-of-the-art laser-cutting equipment for one-piece woven (OPW) and cut-and-sew airbags, a full suite of cut preparation software and value-added Lectra Professional Services enabling maximum return on investment. The FocusQuantum laser cutter range offers more than twice the productivity of solutions currently on the market. Thanks to its unmatched precision and the enhanced reliability of predictive maintenance, FocusQuantum enables a high level of manufacturing excellence at an optimal cost per airbag. The ergonomically designed solution optimizes material reloading and the gathering of cut parts for even greater operational efficiency.




To ensure that life-saving airbags remain free of defects, cut preparation phases must be as rigorous and methodical as possible in order to reach the absolute highest level of performance. FocusQuantum’s integrated software suite eliminates errors throughout a full array of processes, from design through to cutting. FocusQuantum Suite ensures full traceability of operations by preventing unauthorized changes to approved commands and processes.

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ProfeSsional servicesIn an increasingly complex business environment marked by changing consumer preferences and intensifying cost pressure, automotive suppliers seek new ways to offset rising costs and preserve their margins. By achieving operational excellence, they can achieve continuous improvement in all areas of performance to ensure profitability, from design through to production. As the foremost authority on cutting room automation and digitalization, Lectra offers value-added Professional Services incorporating best practices and lean methodologies for sustainable competitive advantage. As part of its market-leading airbag manufacturing offer, Lectra’s experienced team of business consultants and manufacturing specialists is ready to help turn current trends and issues into opportunities for growth and development.



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