Design to Pre-Production Furniture

Furniture product design to pre-production
Meet demand for increased variety and faster deliveries with efficient furniture design, product development, industrialization and pre-production processes.

Your challenges

Today’s customers want furniture that makes a statement

Consumer demand for more choice, more customization, more modularity and more competitive prices means you must balance speed, cost, and creativity. To get new products to market faster requires the most efficient furniture development, industrialization and pre-production processes.

Explore new possibilities

What if you could...

Furniture product Design to Pre-Production

The Lectra advantage

Empower your design, industrialization and pre-production teams with Lectra

With over 40 years of industry experience, Lectra develops powerful process improvement solutions that build efficiency and agility into every step – from design to pre-production. Lectra software solutions for furniture design, development and pre-production use best-in-class technology for rapid furniture virtual prototyping, labor and material cost estimates, and advanced pattern production and marker making.


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