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Dassault Falcon Jet

“Digitalized processes help us meet our business objectives by being able to do it right the first time.”


As a key business enabler, digitalization of the interior design value chain is empowering Dassault Falcon Jet to exceed the expectations of its business jet clientele with faster turnaround times and an enhanced level of quality.


With digital prototyping already in place, Dassault Falcon Jet needed to increase efficiency and productivity in the upholstery shop. By acquiring a Versalis leather cutting solution, the customer sought to revolutionize its cutting room, as well as ready operations for future challenges. 


Because flexibility is even more important to the production of one-off custom interiors than to serial manufacturing, the digitalized processes enabled by Lectra’s DesignConcept prototyping software and Versalis leather cutting solution have enabled the customer to not only expedite operations, but also reinforce its reputation as a world-class aircraft manufacturer delivering advanced business jets meeting the exacting specifications of their clientele.

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Vilmers customer story

We're able to take the 3D design and we're able to prove it before we ever put it into production.

Mark Bremer

Vice President of Manufacturing Operations