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MN Inter-Fashion Ltd.: A tale of two Japanese companies and Kubix Link

Two trading companies unify their strengths through PLM technology to form MN Inter-Fashion Ltd.

Accelerating digital transformation

Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion was introduced to Lectra’s PLM software at a Lectra-hosted event before the merger. After they saw our live demo, they were immediately convinced that the centralization and sharing of information would ensure that internal and external team members would always have access to up-to-date information and more standardized workflows.

Additionally, Kubix Link would enable them to keep track of their workflows, allowing them to fine-tune their planning, product development, sample development, procurement, and delivery processes.

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CS-MN Inter-Fashion Ltd.

With Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion’s experience with Kubix Link and its stamp of approval, the newly formed MN Inter-Fashion decided to continue using the PLM solution, knowing that an effective collaborative system will help strengthen teamwork between these two entities.

MN Inter-Fashion plans to streamline its business processes through further digitalization of its information-sharing system. This will, in turn, reduce the time needed for operations management, and facilitate the company’s digital transformation

Kubix Link is a unique and endlessly adaptable ecosystem of fashion PLM, PIM, DAM and more

Japanese textile-specialized trading company MN Inter-Fashion Ltd. is a result of a merger between two renowned enterprises Nippon Steel Trading Corporation’s textile business and Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion Ltd. in January 2022.

Prior to this consolidation, the sales volume of Nippon Steel Trading Corporation’s textile business in March 2020 was $900 million, while Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion had sales of around $760 million, and both were part of major groups, specializing in garment trading. Through this merger, MN Inter-Fashion aims to strengthen the foundation of its core OEM business, expand its international presence, especially in high growth markets, provide new services using digital technology, seize new business opportunities with environmental sustainability as a focus, and provide more value to the client.


As a textile and fashion specialist, Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion has helped various fashion companies expand their businesses, market their brands, develop fabrics, and produce garments by leveraging its global supply chain network.

To respond quickly to the needs of diverse markets and clients, Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion began brainstorming on how to share information and improve the efficiency of communication among employees across the company and beyond.

The quality and efficiency of communication between internal staff and external merchandisers, suppliers and designers were becoming an issue, and they needed to collaborate more effectively while keeping track its tasks and their completion.


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