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Fashion brand Pinko undergoes a digital transformation to unify collaboration and boost sales

With the unified collaboration of digital platforms Kubix Link PLM, PIM and Retviews, Italian fashion brand Pinko can share product information across teams, boost online sales and optimize the customer experience.

A digital supply chain to improve collaboration and maximize profitability

Founded in Italy in the late 1980s by Pietro Negra and his wife Cristina Rubini, Pinko is a fashion brand for women who want to express their femininity through bold style choices.

Seeking to modernize its technological infrastructure, Pinko needed a reliable technology partner for the implementation of a system with feature-rich functionality enabling:

  • information sharing across teams, even remotely,
  • growth of online sales,
  • management of digital assets for e-commerce and marketplace sales.

Optimized collaboration and data management with Kubix Link PLM

Transformation of creative assets into digital assets was among the challenges Pinko sought to overcome through digitalization. Digital assets and data are key to distributing collections online, and the company aimed to achieve growth through e-commerce and online marketplaces.

Kubix Link PLM allowed Pinko to digitize and store all product data in a single solution. This centralization makes data easy to create, access, share and update.

The Kubix Link PLM ecosystem ensures full visibility of collection development advancement with a quick and accurate status overview. The Kubix Link PLM’s built-in communication tools have facilitated collaboration across Pinko teams by eliminating e-mail threads and loss of information.


Real-time benchmarking to improve positioning with Retviews

Pinko has managed to simplify and accelerate the benchmarking process thanks to the ease of use of the Retviews platform, which compiles detailed real-time data on the competition, such as prices, assortments, discounts, colors and fabrics.

This allows Pinko’s teams to monitor and set pricing strategies, managing collection assortment by relying on real data. Before the introduction of Retviews, merchandising and digital teams spent a lot of time collecting information through web data extraction.

Today, they can perform the same operation from a single platform, optimizing time and resources. Support provided by the Lectra Customer Success team allows Pinko to fully take advantage of the tool by providing customization, guidance and regular training.


A more engaging online shopping experience with Kubix Link PIM

Thanks to Kubix Link PIM, Pinko can standardize the multimedia content of its online products and enrich its product assets with key attributes, all in the aim of engaging customers through an enhanced consumer experience.

It’s now possible to maintain product information consistency and accuracy across every touchpoint –e-commerce, social networks, marketplaces–through improved data traceability.

By utilizing Kubix Link PIM, marketing and sales teams can now easily adapt to new consumer buying behaviors regardless of the evolution of the digital ecosystem.

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