Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order Furniture

Make unitary & small series production, agile, productive and profitable


    Lectra Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order combines the Lectra Digital Cutting Platform and Virga®, the new single-ply cutting solution.


    This data-centric solution digitally transfers information between IT systems and the cutting room and automates non-value added tasks. Whether cutting plain or patterned fabric, Virga® offers a complete cutting line for simultaneous loading, scanning, cutting and offloading. 


    Millennial buyers are driving demand around the world for mass customization; digitalization and Industry 4.0 are making it possible to meet these demands efficiently and profitably. These are the megatrends driving the forward movement of the furniture industry. 


    Tracking and understanding them will empower companies with the business intelligence they need to identify growth opportunities and maintain relevance in an ever-changing market.   


    Lectra Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order leverages Industry 4.0 principles and technology to help companies make their small series, single piece and on-demand furniture production process agile, productive and profitable. 


    Customers can capitalize on data analyses and exploitation, best practice integration and automation to achieve optimized throughput, agility and cost efficiency. 


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