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It’s time to upgrade to Gerber AccuMark V16.1

Say hello to streamlined collaboration, higher productivity and more environmentally sustainable patternmaking and production processes.

To all product developers: the Gerber AccuMark V16.1 suite is now available! 

We have launched the latest version of our software, Gerber AccuMark V16.1. This solution boasts new capabilities and software compatibility that help fashion companies maximize productivity, profitability and improve collaboration through streamlined and eco-friendly processes.  

Gerber AccuMark V16.1

What’s new in Gerber AccuMark V16.1? 

Each release includes improvements based on user feedback, to increase speed, avoid repetition, improve consistency, helping you deliver products with the perfect fit, faster.  The latest version of our software suite now integrates seamlessly with our other cutting-edge solutions, enabling you to meet new industry challenges, such as optimizing fabric consumption, and improving teamwork. 

Thanks to our subscription licensing model, users can now access their software from anywhere! Download, authenticate, and use the latest Gerber AccuMark software applications without the hassle of handling dongles and license files. You can log in with your registered e-mail from any workstation or computer. It is perfect for users who are working from home or multiple locations. 

Attend the AccuMark V16.1 webinar for an in-depth look at the new features!

The advantages of using Gerber AccuMark V16.1 in product development

The Gerber AccuMark subscription plan

Upgrading or adding additional Gerber AccuMark V16.1 user seats to your licenses is now possible, thanks to our new subscription offer. This offer allows you to be more flexible as it is not a big, one-time investment.  

  • Upgrade your old licenses: You can just trade-in your current licenses for new ones and pay the difference. By doing so, you will gain access twice a year to the new Gerber AccuMark releases and get technical support from our expertise center to avoid any production disruption and make full use of your software. 
  • Get additional licenses: You can choose between a one- or three-year subscription plan depending on the number of licenses needed for your production volume.  

Download “What’s New” to discover Gerber AccuMark’s latest features