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Jensen Beds gains 6.5% on fabric savings and maximizes operator comfort with Furniture On Demand

Furniture On Demand by Lectra has helped the family-owned business achieve its CSR objectives

Norwegian sleep quality since 1947

The Hilding Anders Group is one of the few players in the market with the capacity to act as a consolidator in the industry, having made 23 acquisitions since 2001. Before becoming top players in their respective markets, many of these acquisitions began as small, regional companies, with founders who were willing to take risks and had a keen eye for opportunities.  

Now a part of Hilding Anders, Jensen has been manufacturing beds and mattresses in Svelvik, Norway since 1947. Reclining comfort is reflected in everything from the mattress’s comfort to the choice of materials, shape and needlework. Scandinavian design with pure lines and colors is a distinguishing feature of Jensen’s products. Every bed and mattress carrying Jensen’s name is made with passion and craftsmanship, reflected in their motto “The sleep that makes your day.”  


Lectra and Jensen: a long-standing partnership based on innovation, quality and trust 

The partnership between Jensen Beds and Lectra dates from more than 20 years ago when Jensen started to innovate and decided to cut mattresses like furniture to improve quality and design.  

When the time came to replace aging Topspin equipment, Jensen had two imperatives in mind: respect their sustainability requirement and improve the day-to-day activities of their operators all while improving and modernizing their processes.  

Furniture On Demand was obviously the best choice as, in their own words, “When it comes to industry 4.0-thinking, Lectra was in a different class than the others we looked at.” And “There were no other suppliers who could deliver anything similar to what Lectra came up with.”  

Even more impressive on the sustainability part, Furniture On Demand allowed Jensen to go above and beyond the promises that Lectra made regarding fabric savings. 

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6,5% in fabric savings

Operator comfort for quality mattresses

Furniture On Demand is also a huge improvement on the daily tasks of operators, from the removal of repetitive and menial tasks up to the process of recutting and offloading.

“People think it’s really exciting to work with the new machines. Before, we had lots of trouble [with Topspins], lots of errors and stoppages. And we no longer have these. People are happy to be on these new machines every day.”

Vigdis Maudal, Team Leader Sewing 


“We’re seeing that implementing a new system like Furniture On Demand keeps the employees interested. They have to use their heads, avoiding loads of repetitive tasks; they’re coming in and learning something new. I think that is a big part of keeping people at our workplace. When I go up to the sewing room, I generally just see smiles and happiness among the operators.

Johnny Høydahl, Operational HR Manager

Furniture On Demand by Lectra

Automated workflow enables furniture companies to overcome pull-mode manufacturing complexity