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Petit Bateau saves time on collection planning and development with Retviews

Thanks to Retviews, Lectra’s competitive analysis platform for fashion, Petit Bateau can access accurate, real-time data to get the most relevant assortment to maximize profitability.

Maximizing profits with real-time data

Originating in 1893 and now present worldwide, Petit Bateau’s collection of apparel for babies, kids and mothers has maintained the brand’s core values of sustainability, quality, and freedom for more than 120 years. Aiming to develop the most relevant and successful collection that boosts profitability, Petit Bateau sought out a tool that would automate competitive analysis and facilitate processes for its teams. Thanks to Retviews, Petit Bateau is using real-time, accurate data to best position its collection on the market.

Automating time-consuming processes

Kidswear is a booming industry and is only expected to grow further in coming years. Petit Bateau previously encountered the setback of manual benchmarking, where the brand spent hours collecting data on competitors’ pricing strategies in store and online to then compile the data by hand. Thanks to Retviews, Petit Bateau’s merchandising, product development and digital teams are now doing this in a fraction of the time. Saving significant amounts of time throughout the entire collection lifecycle, the brand’s teams can now focus on analyzing data, making confident decisions, and releasing the best collection on the market. Retviews allows Petit Bateau to optimize its workflow. With customized dashboards based on Petit Bateau’s own needs for each product segment, the brand can quickly access real-time data and monitor its competitors, allowing it to optimize its assortment and pricing strategies.

Improving performance with analytic data

Staying on top of changes and being able to evolve is essential in today’s fashion industry. Retviews has allowed Petit Bateau to view detailed, real-time data on competitors’ prices, assortments, discounts, colors, and fabrics among other key data insights. The kidswear- focused brand is able to access a multitude of different data insights on competitors’ collections, all within Retviews’ tailor-made reports. All-Around Client Support Petit Bateau has been able to simplify its benchmarking process, and ultimately carry it out faster, thanks to the user-friendly aspect of the Retviews platform. Working in close collaboration with Retviews’ customer-focused teams, Petit Bateau’s merchandising and buying teams were able to create a smooth and structured action plan to carry out their competitive analyses. Thanks to Retviews’ hands on approach and wide-ranging customer support, Petit Bateau was able to quickly train users and put the automated analysis tool into use in only a few weeks.

With real-time visibility, Retviews’ data allows us to release the most relevant and successful collections, with the right price in order to maximize our revenue.

Julie Despagne

Category Leader, Petit Bateau

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