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Scale new heights of operational efficiency with Lectra’s industry –leading automated cutting room solutions.


Introducing Vector

Known for their versatility, Vector multi-ply cutting machines enable manufacturers to facilitate just-in time (JIT) and mass production processes while fulfilling last-minute orders with ease.

Customer voice

Ruyi transforms its traditional garment manufacturing plant into a world-class smart factory with Lectra’s technology

"Machine uptime has increased, our fabric utilization rate is up by 1% and production efficiency has increased by 30%."

Qui Mu Ke

Chairman, Tai’an Ruyi Technology Fashion Industry Co., Ltd.

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What You’ll Gain

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Power up your cutting room with digital technology

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Discover how digitizing your entire cutting process with Lectra's Vector solution helps you reduce lead times, cut operational costs, preserve profit margins and most importantly, improve product quality.


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