Art Stone

“We rely on shorter production runs but still need to operate in a cost effective manner to keep our current price point even in the face of rising fabric expenses.”

The name Art Stone is synonymous with dance. Art Stone was a professional dancer and dance instructor; in 1960, he decided to use his knowledge of the industry in a new way—designing and manufacturing dance attire.


Dance attire


New York,


Art Stone designs and manufactures dance attire. Thus, the company knows all about the world of dance; its dance attire can be found in dance classes and competitions across the United States. With a product that has to capture attention on stage, the company needed a production process that could handle the intricate fabrics that sets it apart from the competition.


Lectra’s cut order optimization technology helped improve the company’s material consumption by 10 to 15 percent, and throughput by approximately 20 percent. The solution provided flexibility and responsiveness in the manufacturing process, while also allowing Art Stone to keep production close to consumers and achieve shorter time-to-market.

Ashley Stone, Vice President of Operations

"In one year, we covered the cost of the technology in fabric savings alone"

Ashley Stone,
Vice President of Operations


  • Pre-production

    Fabric savings, increased productivity.

    Facilitates marker creation for a wide variety of garments and fabrics, delivering consistently high efficiency.

  • Product devolopment

    Lectra's pattern making solution.

    Developed to meet industry demands for shorter lead times, perfect fit, and streamlined development.

  • Fabric cutting room

    Cutting-room optimization solution.

    Facilitates the flow of information and optimizes markers, spreading and cutting operations.

  • Fabric cutting

    Ultimate automated cutting investment.

    Unprecedented uptime, improved speed, enduring reliability and optimized efficiency with the reassurance of a unique support infrastructure.

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