Corse Composites

"Lectra’s experts are real professionals who truly know and understand our industry.... Lectra has been able to respond perfectly to our needs and expectations."

Serving major aircraft customers, Corse composites aéronautiques develops and produces high-performance, perfection-quality fuselage hatches, staircases, and aerodynamic parts from composite materials.






In such an industry as aviation equipment, nothing is more important than quality to ensure the greatest safety standards for the finished product. But delivery time is crucial as well, according to Colonna d’Istria.


As Lectra’s technology continues to advance through its ongoing investments in research and development and its close collaboration with field customers such as CCA itself, new opportunities for further enhancements in process development became available to the Corsican company.

Vincent Colonna d’Istria, Production Manager

“We trust Lectra with the pivotal starting point of our composites production process-the design and the cut.“

Vincent Colonna d’Istria,
Production Manager


  • Design

    Prototyping, costing, and product development.

    All manufacturing costs are fully controlled through real-time alterations and optimizations in 2D and 3D.

  • Fabric cutting room

    Powerful, intelligent response to the needs of industrial manufacturers

    Ability to improve flexibility, reduce production costs through optimized material consumption and ensure consistent quality.

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